Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Last Day of 6th Grade!

Holy smokes, this little girl is done with her first year of Middle School.  It's the last day of 6th grade!  The middle school gets out a day earlier than the elementary, not that tomorrow getting out at 11:30 is a real day!

Leiden has had a great year, and we are looking forward to summer and then 7th grade!

Monday, June 5, 2017

I honestly have no idea what was going on here, but Mimi decided to be a lamp!  Jon thought it was hilarious and took a picture.  She's just chilling in the corner where any respectable lamp should be!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memory Grove Walk

Jon and I went up to Memory Grove for a walk.  I have never gone walking up there before.  Many times I have run and driven around the road that circles the canyon, but never the canyon itself.  We walked all the way back to the pond right next to the road.

It was a warm, kind of humid night, but beautiful to be out and in nature.  We ended up walking back even further and ended up in the avenues and wandered back down some stairs and down through the canyon.

The water was pretty high and running fast from snow run off, and the drain was loud and crazy.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

It is so fun to watch our plants grow.  And there's nothing quite like waiting for those first little green tomatoes to form!  The flowers appear and then it's only a matter of time!!!

Look at all those beautiful little sprays of sunshine!

This weekend is Stake Conference, so tonight was the adult session.  It was lovely to go with Jon and hear the things the leadership wants us to remember.  It was also a weekend without the girls, so we didn't have to worry about babysitters, which makes it much more relaxing to be away from home.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mt. Wire

Today Jon and I wanted to attempt Mt. Wire again, since we didn't make it far in the winter, and now it's not winter!  We stopped and took a picture from the same tree we turned back at last time.

While we were heading up the trail, Jon's eagle eyes spotted this little cutie.  It's a Greater Short Horned Lizard.  They have this funny flat little body with a huge tummy section.  And on his sides he has little spikes all down.

Their little profiles are hilarious.  They look so alert and quizzical.

Once at the top, there's a tower that used to be fenced off...Jon was up it like a shot.

I was less eager, and figured I would remain firmly on the ground.

This is Jon goading and teasing me for not wanting to come up.  The views are amazing, he said.

Soooo, I climbed up, and was really uncomfortable.  It was just a rickety ladder and a meshy sort of floor on the top.  The guard rails were hardly guarding anyone falling.  I pretty much gripped it hard the whole time I was standing up there!  He was right, though.  The views both into the valley,

and into the canyon beyond were amazing.

This feat of mine was also documented as I came back down.  Talk about a white knuckle grip!!

He was sure to leave our mark on the metal door underneath the tower.

Whew!  Now for the climb down!

The hike aims you back down facing the valley as you come down near Red Butte.

Much of the trail goes along this ridge down.  I am a bit out of shape for this sort of thing and was a little slow moving.

As we hit the last of the grassy hill down, the wind picked up and it was blowing through the grasses, rippling them out in green and gold.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the blurry parts are the grasses moving in the breeze.

Another smallish hike on the books in preparation for larger ones this summer!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Measles at the Gym

So...remember those blue stickers from Singing Measles in early May??  They ended up on the floor of the car in the front seat, and they got EVERYWHERE.  They come off their paper strips so easily.  Well, Jon's exercise bands were on the floor in the front seat, too.  Apparently one hitch hiked into the gym and ended up on the floor by the pull up machine!  I looked down today and it made me laugh out loud.  Measles at the gym!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another 1st Grade Fieldtrip

Headed out again with the 1st grade on their yearly walking field trip!  This was our little squad.

We stopped first at Macey's, where we got to see all the secret, employee only parts of the store.  Their offices are all upstairs, with windows that overlook the store.

They got to go inside the receiving area, where the employees were bustling about doing inventories and checking lists.  The very best part (aside from the cookie they all got!) was getting to go inside the huge walk in freezer and refrigerated section!  It is SO cold!

After that we walked to Outback Steakhouse, where they were served lunch.

They ate some, but pretty much just played!

And refused to take pictures with me!

Then we walked to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, where they got to walk through the back preparation and storage area, then got free smoothie samples.  We found this funny little scene to take a picture in front of.  IF ONLY we were on a lake somewhere tropical!

Next up was the walk to Fiiz, where every child got a sample of a drink, and the adults got free drinks, too!  This field trip is literally a walking and eating field trip.  Every single place had food for the kids.  By Fiiz, no one was hungry anymore, and were totally overloaded with sugar!  But dang if the sugar free coconut sprite wasn't delicious!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Ensign Peak

Happy Memorial Day!  We started the family day with a hike up beautiful Ensign Peak, where the views were gorgeous!  It was pretty clear today, so you could see long distances and everything is green and growing.

The girls were happy to eat their snacks and pose for pictures.

This place we live in is such a beautiful part of the world.  All these mountains, and the big skies, and us on top of one!  A little one, anyway.

An excellent morning activity!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Family Sunday

Mac filled in today for the talk last minute, and was super cute up there reading a story from the Friend.

It was Leiden's first week in Young Women's and she wore one of her extensions to celebrate!

This afternoon some plants needed to be watered, and Mac our garden helper was on it!

It was a beautiful evening with the girls, and I got some really pretty shots for no reason at all but to take pictures.

Jon played with the girls on the grass while I snapped away.

I even got one of myself!

These quiet Sundays as a family are wonderful ways to start the week with!